Spring Sharesies (and Writer Unboxed Redirect)

mothThere are lots of important goings-on going on, Zesties. I almost need to number them in order to keep track.

In biologic news, I met the first mosquito of the season last night. We had the briefest of acquaintances before I dodged left, she zoomed right, then proceeded to dive straight down my gullet. cough gag

In case that’s not earth-shattering enough for you, there are a few WU-related announcements I wouldn’t want you to miss.

Moon Sisters cover artFirst, if you like to read psychologically accurate books about families and hope, or if you’d simply like to support Writer Unboxed Founder and Mama, Therese Walsh, her latest book is on sale. A hardcover edition of The Moon Sisters will cost you ~ $21.00, but until Friday, the ebook version is on sale for $1.99 American. (Available to Canadians, too, and possibly other jurisdictions, though I don’t have firsthand information to that effect.)

You can find The Moon Sisters on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and other retailers. Therese’s writing is superb and can heartily recommend her novels.

Second, in November 2014, Writer Unboxed will be holding its inaugural edition of an in-person workshop called the Unconference. The emphasis will be on craft, community, and writerly health. I’m going–am possibly presenting–and I’d love to see you there. I’m biased, but the curriculum sounds fantastic for introverts and those who prefer an intimate, personalized workshop. Despite a glitchy week in which it was hard for people to access the WU site, the conference is already 40% sold. This is five and a half months out, people! So if you’re at all interested, I’d suggest you peruse this page now and begin thinking about your conference budget. (Scroll down for the event description and answers to frequently asked questions.) By registering early, you can save $100, making it practically free.

Yes, I’m aware that my early-bird-registration math and chocolate-calorie math have certain commonalities, but is it my fault that Truth is universal?

Lastly, in March of this year, I decided to invest in a five-day, forty-hour seminar on Story put on by Robert McKee. He’s a true scholar and a Renaissance man. Between his knowledge base, teaching style and the packed curriculum, I had a lot of lightbulbs go off. I’m using my time on WU to pass some of these lessons on and the second installment is up today. Hope you can join us.

All Hail Dilemmas: Why Your Characters Need to Make Tough Choices

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2 thoughts on “Spring Sharesies (and Writer Unboxed Redirect)

  1. Okey dokey. New type of captcha/gotcha – at least you allow copying.

    Thanks for reminding me (I checked your previous couple of posts) about breaking out of hamster wheel relationships by doing something unexpected. Different. Out of the pattern.

    I do it all the time with characters – but they’re under my complete control (hehe).

    In real relationships, drop back and punt. Run the ball to your OWN goal. Do a Hail Mary pass (okay – I’ve now used up ALL my sports knowledge on one comment).

    It’s like the definition of insanity: doing the same thing but expecting a different result. I can’t make the other side of the equation change, but I certainly don’t have to enable it.

    Best of luck on your new site – and I don’t know if I signed up twice. Not my problem – I leave that to the computers. Better than not at all.


    1. Hi, Alicia. Sorry for the slow response. “Goings-on” are going in the inconvenient present.

      You confused me about the reference to the new site. I’m still here! When life permits, have a new post to put up shortly, in fact. Just left you a reply on yesterday’s WU post.

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