Achy Breaky Tart

[picapp src=”0271/5dfbf930-4471-4f32-9d8f-21c14b2d028c.jpg?adImageId=4764541&imageId=275248″ width=”234″ height=”352″ /]No, these aren’t my legs. I say this because I value honesty in our “relationship”, even though it’s conducted through the alchemy of electrons and pixels. It’s important I am known as a woman of my word. Also, some of you have met me.

But the point is, this could be my body. Indeed, in days of yore, before I gave my writing muse free reign, this might have been me. That’s why I’ve re-enrolled in my regular dance classes.

See, I’ve been a slacker all summer, peeps. Oh, sure, I walk the dog. And I keep 5 pound dumbbells in the kitchen, and fit in a few bicep curls, French presses and lunges in while I’m waiting for the microwave to beep. Smilie by

But aside from a few mountain hikes with my family this summer, I can’t say I’ve really pushed myself. There have been no red-faced moments of that beautiful/hateful “I’m going to die if I do this for one minute more” stuff. At least not until this morning when I put my enfeebled body back into Terry’s capable hands. And you know what? I feel awesome, virtuous. The endorphin buzz alone was worth every one of those crunches.  Smilie by

How about you? Now that school is back in, summer holidays a distant memory, and routine has returned to your life, are you recommitting to exercise? And if you’re one of those amazing people who stay in shape year-round, what fitness regime do you follow? Got any tips for those of us who stray in the summer months?

While I await your reply, please excuse me. I’m off to soak this achy breaky body. Otherwise, come tomorrow morning, the mere act of teeth brushing will assume Olympic event proportions.

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4 thoughts on “Achy Breaky Tart

  1. Actually, sunna, you’re one of my sources of inspiration. You post very regularly about your gym attendance, which made me ask myself why I had become such a slacker. After all you write too… And yay for your own gym bunny status. 🙂

  2. Does lifting a glass of wine from the table to the parched lips count as exercise? 🙂

    If so, my biceps are in great shape. Can’t say the same for the rest of the body. But once I am over my head cold, I do plan to hit the treadmill gathering dust in the basement. 🙁

    And after I get some sleep…the cold medication is working, but keeping me awake.

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