PicApp Application for WordPress- a User Report

Feel free to ignore this post completely. It falls under the category “Charitable Works”, and can be of no interest except to fellow philanthropists.

You see, I’m a dedicated WordPress user. As such, it is my responsibility to test the new applications they provide us, then offer feedback to their board of geeks. You know –  about how user friendly the application is, its ease of use, relevance to a blogger, etcetera, etcetera. Because how else can they improve?

Well, today they unveiled the PicApp Application. My very first attempts to access this service are recorded below, for those of you who are skeptical:

[picapp src=”0253/2536978a-b98c-47e0-aec1-b684bbbf37e5.jpg?adImageId=4518672&imageId=256895″ width=”339″ height=”480″ /]

Hmm. It seems to work. Better try again, just to make sure my success wasn’t sheer beginner’s luck.

[picapp src=”0278/f3515c66-eada-44c0-a70a-7d549c04e4c0.jpg?adImageId=4519061&imageId=282108″ width=”319″ height=”480″ /]

Three time’s the charm:

[picapp src=”0077/d108c07f-de54-40c4-970d-465091c0cc6f.jpg?adImageId=4519329&imageId=80727″ width=”337″ height=”506″ /]

Yeah, I’d say that this is one app from which I’ll get plenty of use. But what say the rest of you? Thumbs up, or do you forsee difficulties ahead?

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11 thoughts on “PicApp Application for WordPress- a User Report

  1. I absolutely see difficulty ahead – difficulty in concentrating. Difficulty focussing on words, rather than pictures. Difficulty in breathing, even. Thumbs down, sugar. A HUGE thumbs down….

  2. Sheesh, you two! That didn’t take you long. Didn’t I publish this post like…seven minutes ago? Guess it just proves that old saw that if you build it, they will come.

    (Pun alert.)

  3. Hi Hope,
    First let me say that your blog is fun and I like being here.
    Now PicApp, I was happy to hear the announcement about WordPress and PicApp because my blog is getting popular and I’m concerned about copyrights on the images I’m posting. Btw – I think the cartoon they have on the PicApp home page was really cute. I signed up right away and I’m sure I will end up using some of the images. However, some of the image tags they are using need improvement and of course they need to add more to the collection. I think it will help if we WordPress bloggers give them feedback so that they can improve the product. We are a pretty strong voice.

    Thanks for this post and for the images 😉 😉

    1. Nice to meet you, ileanb, and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed your time here!

      I agree with you about PicApp’s tags. There has to be a way to sort images more effectively. I’ll make a point of giving them some feedback in the immediate future.

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