Happy Birthday to AUTHOR IN PROGRESS

Author in Progress cover artThis past year, on top of writing and publishing Opposite of Frozen, I had the great privilege of participating in another group project: a Writer’s Digest book edited by Writer Unboxed’s Therese Walsh. And today is AUTHOR IN PROGRESS’s birthday.

The Blurb

AUTHOR IN PROGRESS, a book for novelists in progress at every level, releases today! Published by Writer’s Digest and written by the writers at WRITER UNBOXED, it features brilliant, new essays on how not only to push through your current challenges but to thrive throughout the process of writing a book. Are you just starting your novel, unsure how to begin or what to focus on? Are you struggling with how to finish your first book, or even your third? AUTHOR IN PROGRESS features essays at every level of story creation, and is broken into 7 sections to help you:

3. INVITE (critique)

As the former, long-running Voice of the Unpublished Writer, I had the honor of writing a chapter for Part 6 called The Health and Maintenance of Writers: What You Need to Know to Stay You for as Long as You Are Able. (Hint: there’s even a hidden webpage on Writer Unboxed with supplemental and supportive material for the health tips that can help anyone, not only writers!)

What People Are Saying about the Book

“Nourishment for the writer’s soul and motivation for the writer’s heart.” –James Scott Bell, bestselling author and writing instructor

“AUTHOR IN PROGRESS is going on my keeper shelf. Because no matter what question I’m struggling with today, I know I will find the answer in its pages.” – Alex Kourvo

“There are tons of awesome writing books out there about everything from creating suspenseful plots to using humor, but few of them cover every single part of your writing journey. And none of them do it quite like AUTHOR IN PROGRESS…Less than $20, unlimited answers.” – Emily Nielson

Learn more about AUTHOR IN PROGRESS on Amazon. Or watch the neat video below.

PS: I’ve redone my website. If you’re having trouble navigating it in any way, can you please let me know? Thanks!

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