The Thurston Hotel Series Writing Cooperative Explained


Zesties, since releasing Opposite of Frozen, I’ve had a lot of interest in how the Thurston series is structured from the writerly perspective. To that end, I’m honored to have multi-multi-published children’s author, Sophie Masson, host me on her blog for a brief interview.

In it, we cover:

  • The origin of the series and keeper of its bible.
  • How the complexity of working with other writers both helped and hindered my writing (and might do the same to yours, if you decide to pursue a similar project).
  • The mechanics of braiding our stories, and my particular tactics to limit the number of moving parts.
  • The long-term plan for the series.

In the meantime, let me express my gratitude for all the help you’ve given me in spreading the word about my book and the series. In many ways, I had the softest of launches possible, but the book already has 2 reviews and 5 Goodreads ratings with 4 reviews, making it seem less of an orphan.

Please come visit Sophie’s blog: A unique project: an interview with romance writer Jan O’Hara


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