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If there’s anything the medical world taught me, it’s that statistics are often useless. They are only as good as the question being asked and the instrument used to measure the response, and they seldom help at the level of the individual.

Nevertheless, I thought a bit of blog analysis would be cool.

Numbers may not reflect “Best Quality” posts and will be biased towards the latter part of the year when Tartitude’s audience grew. Also, I removed the post most sought by the pornbots for “sexy mans” or related terms. Smilie by

Top 10 Posts for Tartitude in 2009, Sorted by Number of Hits, in Descending Order

10.  Six Reasons I Have the Best Husband in the World

9. Ring the Bells – It’s PAGL Day

8. A Charitable Cause

7. Ground Rules at the Tartitude

6. Bookshelf Landmines

5. Eleven Embarrassing Things About Me

4.  Clipped Wings: Coping with Rejection’s Sting

3. Incoherent Friday

2. The Hand That Stocks the Cradle

And the #1 post for 2009, according to hit rate:

Dirty, Sexy Pipelines – a Sarah Palin Romance Smilie by




Top 10 Posts for Tartitude in 2009, Sorted According to Number of Comments

Tied for 9th and 10th place:

Tied for 6th, 7th and 8th place:

5. Eleven Embarrassing Things About Me

Tied for 3rd and 4th place:

2.  Murphy’s Law, as It Applies to Writers

And the #1 blog post for 2009, according to comments left: Clipped Wings – Coping with Rejection’s Sting 
Smilie by

So, according to the above numbers, I believe this place is most popular when I:

  • demonstrate resilience, as it pertains to writing
  • demonstrate discouragement, as it pertains to writing 
  • indulge in irony (see above two points)
  • threaten to spank Bane
  • expose my idiosyncracies
  • use your collective wisdom to find sexy men for Dawn (which she ignores anyway)
  • mock Sarah Palin
  • brag about my husband

I myself have a wee fondness for the Hope Series, particularly the Finale.
Also the post in which I blame you for my growing ego.
Then there was the post where I posted my own vision of writerly courage.

Is that about it? Have you any other verdicts? Any posts you feel shouldn’t be on the above lists? Any you wish had made one of them?

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8 thoughts on “Best of Tartitude – 2009

  1. I liked Incoherent Friday the best. I laughed right out loud with that one. I remember someone posted “Tart crazy!” Was that you Hilary?

  2. I found LOL moments in all of your posts (I read about twenty) and I am super glad you take the time to share your thoughts with us. It is no wonder that your post about rejections would come out on top, it has left tons of people feeling better or at least able to. The resources you pointed out will certainly change people’s lives and as cheesy as it may seem, there are writers who will remember you throughout their career, namely: me.

  3. H-girl, I left you a long and rather enthusiastic message. Muchos gracias, amigo! Smiley

    Donna, that was most certainly Hilary. 😉

    Jon, I am saying this with utter sincerity: I am very touched. Making people think is good; making them laugh is awesome; but teaching or imparting anything that helps them write is simply “holy cow” covered in verklempt sauce. Thank you!

  4. Ha! Laura, it’s there as a hyperlink. Also — for your readerly pleasure — the more specific man-candy posts are so-labelled in the Category section. (Right toolbar)

  5. I must confess that although I’ve not been following your blog for very long, I’ve come to look forward to it. I think “Dirty Sexy Pipelines…was one of the first on which I commented. I can understand why it was the most popular.

    Stellar writing, Hope! Here’s to many more!

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