The Monkey Made a Rat Out of Me

Elevated view of a box of tissues


<——-Sorry, guys, but I might need some of these.

I did Friday.

You know how, if you’re very lucky, you can stumble across a person who doesn’t just talk about hope, but who embodies it? I was fortunate enough to meet one about eight months ago.

She’s a mom of two young children, works full-time, writes and manages to have a kind word for everybody.


Proof of that is to the right: a personalized blogging award she bestowed on me and several others, along with the sweetest, most encouraging words… *sniff* 

Look at this:  

Nice, huh? That black and white sketch is Hilary Wagner’s own art work from her upcoming début novel, Nightshade City. Guess we can add “graphically talented” to her bio as well.

Anyway, H-girl, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Oh, and while you’re here, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t nag you again about your diet. Contrary to popular belief, Cheetos are not one of the four food groups.

Since I know you no longer listen to me, perhaps you’ll find this little dude more persuasive: 

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14 thoughts on “The Monkey Made a Rat Out of Me

  1. The Tart,

    You are the sweetest person EVER! It’s official, I’m moving to Tartland!

    YOU ARE THE BEST! I have not had Cheetos in two whole weeks! You can rest easy! I’ve switched to Crunchers Dill Potato chips fried in peanut oil!!!!


    xoxo — Hilary

  2. Aw Tarty, this is the nicest thing ever!

    (And dear, don’t you know that Cheetos are a part of one of the four food groups?)

    *ducks and runs as well*

  3. Hilary, why do I feel like I’m back in elementary school whenever I’m around you? *puts thumbs in ears and waggles other fingers*

    Glinda, I don’t eat them either. When I indulge in junk food, it’s usually of the chocolate variety.

  4. *rolls eyes* For anyone who might not be in on some of the above references, jaekaebee writes MG fiction about possums, and Hilary, obviously about rats. This would be volley #34,068 in the “rats rule, possums drool” debate.

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