Christi Craig: Brave Host or Outrageous Risk-Taker?

Peeps, I’m doing my first non-Unboxed blog post today, and it’s at the writing home of a total sweetie, Christi Craig. I think I met Christi through WU, but in any case, we’ve since discovered a few mutual friends, including Man Writing a Romance’s Dave Thome.

Today’s subject: How Introvertus Interruptus Taught Me Four Simple Writing Lessons

Hope you can join us.


2 thoughts on “Christi Craig: Brave Host or Outrageous Risk-Taker?

  1. The interruptus hit home. As a lifelong Wall Streeter, my social contact at parties and the like was strictly being stuck in a corner with a group firing questions at me about the economy, financials and political interpretations of an upcoming election!
    Love the offhanded theme of your site !!!!

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