Two Tiny Triumphs and a Writer Unboxed Redirect

So let’s see… Since we’ve chatted I’ve had my new temporary crown put in, and while I didn’t precisely tap dance out of the dentist’s office, I recovered quickly. Further, the temporary fits so well I only know something’s afoot — or atooth — because of its rubbery texture. In other words, dental phobia? I pwnd you this time.

My triumph was slightly tarnished when, within one hour of my appointment, I developed a minor cold. Stress does it to me every time. Anyway, I went to buy Kleenex with lotion because, as Molly puts it so delicately, “The time to be cheap isn’t when you’re sick, Mom.”

But I one-upped her because I found these and they made me ridiculously happy:

I know Vicks Vaporub can be dangerous (or was) if consumed in significant quantities, but as my sister mostly recovered from that unfortunate episode when I was babysitting her, it has good associations for me.  As a kid, that menthol scent signaled upcoming parental indulgence: entire days spent reading or watching TV. No homework. No chores, not that I ever had it too bad.

With my Puffs I blow and hack, but I surreptitiously sniff my tissues and bestow a beatific smile on anyone who notices. Frank thinks I’ve finally lost my marbles, which pleases me. A teenager should always wonder if danger and chaos are but moments away. Don’t you agree?

Finally, today I’m at Writer Unboxed with a family story of near-tragedy and woe. I Prefer My Rubber to Meet the Road. Hope you can join me there.

6 thoughts on “Two Tiny Triumphs and a Writer Unboxed Redirect

  1. Okay, just so you know haven’t totally lost my marbles, there is another video box above the comment box as I type, just like the time with the Rudolph scene. This one is a still of Morgan Spurlock and has a Pepsi logo. I suppose that proves nothing about my sanity. :/ Sorry, I don’t share your love of the smell of Vicks products, but I agree about keeping others unsure of your own mental stability. Keeps everyone around you on their toes. Sorry about the cold, but so relieved for your dental resolution!

    1. Vaughn, I’m so sorry your comments are going into moderation. I have no explanation for that.

      Re the videos: wow. Now that I know WordPress has decided to put ads on my site — because they’re invisible to me — I’ll have to hasten my move to a self-hosted site. Thanks for the info, dude.

  2. Ooooh … if you had only posted this last week when I needed those Puffs. My tissues were hard on my nose and had no comforting scent. 🙁

    Glad to hear your dental woes are better and now hoping you’re feeling better soon.

    And this message is for Frank … yes, your mother is a crazy person. Beware!

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