Dog Walk in Alberta

A Halloween-ready house, with homemade figures in the window of crooked-hatted witches and improbably colored cats.

A house being framed — shirtless men ahoy!

A gravelled path which appears serene, but which lies over a natural gas pipeline. Writer’s Brain says all that’s needed is a zealous backhoe to create an amazing fireball and decimated McMansions. 

A sweetly singing bird which beckons you on into a moss-lined glen. A circle of birches whose white columns and naked branches bring you to your knees with awe more intense than ever experienced in a church.

The feces which your black lab rolls in with such precision that a schmear-sized portion becomes entrapped between pup and collar.

A pooch who grins while you wipe down the bathroom, change your soaked t-shirt, and sniff your hands.

A tolerable, earthy aroma of pine-scented poo.

8 thoughts on “Dog Walk in Alberta

  1. Botanist, somedays I’m not convinced I live in reality, but entirely in my head. 🙂 Others, like this one, I definitely have a hyperacute appreciation for details. Do you find the same?

    Medeia, LOL, it was lovely. And extremely funny at times. As for poo, well, as a doctor, parent and pet-owner, there’s no escaping the poo. 😀

  2. My best friend was rescued from a near feral state. She can never run free outdoors unless the yard is totally fenced so we take many walks. She also enjoys jumping hurdles, to the point that she demands being allowed to jump over various obstacles in the house at least once a day in winter when it’s too cold and icy to do it outside. (Be careful what you train them to do…)

    On the plus side I’ve gotten her to quit smoking. (She used to eat butts lying on the ground.) Puppies really shouldn’t puff. 🙂

  3. Oh, look at that sweet face! I love the lab grin. We used to have a Dalmatian/Lab mix who would smile. The most reliable way to invoke it was to say ‘grandpa’ to him. He loved grandpa…

  4. Phyllis, you made me LOL with the smoking line. (You’re on a roll lately.) Love the new avatar, too!

    Before Maya we had a cocker spaniel, Buddy. My daughter taught him to jump and in the winter, we set up two jumps in the hallway. Good times. 🙂

    Hart, that’s too funny. My lab doesn’t grin except when she’s been thoroughly touched or thoroughly exercised, especially if we run her.

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