The Pictures Wherein I Make Us All Jealous about My Summer Vacation – I Was Actually There, Right?

In a totally non-writing-related post, I never showed you guys pictures from our summer holiday and if I don’t do it soon, the opportunity will pass.

We went to Maui for ten days, stayed in a condo found for us by when I tweeted about my desire for a kid-friendly hotel. Modern life, huh? Quite amazing.

Anyway, we went with a condo because for less money than a basic hotel, we had a two-bedroom suite with kitchen, two bathrooms, and a washer and dryer. The kitchen was stocked with dishes and seasonings; the closets were stuffed with spare towels and beach accessories. It was very much like borrowing the beach house of a friend. Well, except for the scenery.

This was the view from one of our three lanai.

The Toolmaster and I went to Kauai and the Big Island almost twenty years ago, but the kids had never been. They loved it.

Molly took to the beach – not in the least because she looks like a goddess. Frank loved the unlimited supply of food. (Basically, that saying about the way to a man’s heart being through his stomach? Yeah. And then some.)

We ate out a lot, but surprisingly, I lost weight. We discovered Maui Taco after a few days and ate more than a few of their veggie burritos there. Fantastic. But. If you are on Maui and want the best vegetarian food I’ve ever tasted, go to this place:

That’s the Fresh Mint restaurant in Paia. Hands down the best specifically vegetarian food I’ve ever eaten! Especially the green papaya salad. I could take an omnivore there and be certain they’d leave satisfied, unless they were determined not to enjoy themself.

Our most harrowing day began with an innocent ride from Kihei up the northwest cost of the island. We stopped at a Barnes and Noble and bought about twenty books. *helpless shrug* Then we decided to complete a circular loop along the coast. Holy smokers. Gorgeous scenery, but the road turned into a goat track. The edges were uneven, there were switchbacks so steep they employed mirrors so we wouldn’t hit oncoming vehicles.

I’m afraid to say we laughed hysterically when we saw this sign, warning it would get worse:

Only after we were safely back in town did I see the fine print in the car rental map: the 20 miles we’d just spent an hour and a half crawling were off limits to a rental vehicle. Oops.

I don’t want this post to run too long, so I’ll leave you with a few more photos:Just some of the beautiful creatures my hubster and kids saw when they went diving. This image taken by my camera, inside the stunning Maui Ocean Center.

By the way, I know we’ve talked about encouraging hobbies before, especially in kids who don’t find much joy in traditional venues, like school,  but do you know something? My Frank decided of his own accord he wanted to become certified as a diver. He studied for three days, got up at 6:00AM multiple mornings, and passed his test with flying colors. His ex-policeman instructor made a point of telling us how impressed he was with him.

And the last pictures of my family:

Like father, like son - overlooking crater at Haleakala, Maui's extinct volcano

My now-legal beauty who is taking the nursing world by storm


And a relaxed Jan, who isn't very Tartish in this photo 😉

12 thoughts on “The Pictures Wherein I Make Us All Jealous about My Summer Vacation – I Was Actually There, Right?

  1. Oh, I am SO jealous! It’s been way too many years since I’ve been to Maui, and since I consider myself a tropical girl at heart, and since I’ve had to turn on the heat already, way before I’m ready to acknowledge winter creeping in. . .sigh. Thanks for sharing your pics, and your adventures. Maybe another episode in, say, December? Or February? 🙂

  2. Another jealous writer here! Also, I’m stealing your date-in-the-sand photo idea. I love the picture of your two guys. And it’s nice to see you looking so relaxed!

  3. Teresa, thank you. I enjoy photography, actually, and we got a basic digital camera before we left that turned out to have a mighty soul

    Donna, alas, there will be no Hawaii or tropical climes in the foreseeable future — all the more reason I’m glad we did it before Molly’s too old to want to hang around us for her holidays.

    MJ, I’m so glad I did that sand photo! It’s a whimsical thing I did while the other three were having a sand fight. As for relaxed, yes, I was. My heart and my feet were aligned. 🙂

  4. Having never left the continental US it was a delight to see the pics (didn’t even mind the *characters* that hogged the view…they made the scenery uber realistic with their smiling faces and great tans!)
    These are the “Kodak moments” to enjoy when the snow is falling faster than the temperatures, this winter. Bet you have super memories and it WAS a good idea to make the trip while the fam. is still together!

  5. Nice!

    When were you in Maui? I was just there as well (for 5 days, then in Oahu for 7). Maybe our vacations overlapped! HA! We also did some of the same things you mentioned. Paia was an awesome place. We only had breakfast there, though. Nice Stupa nearby. 🙂

    My experience of Hawaii was total magic. Did you pick up on those same vibes?

    Glad you had fun!

  6. Totally TOTALLY jealous. Man, I hope someday I’m rich and can go cool places like that regularly. I HAVE been to Maui (and LOVE it) but last time was half a life ago (literally)

  7. theskinhorse, I was there in early August, so we didn’t overlap. How did you find Oahu as compared to Maui, if you don’t mind me asking? As for magic, yes, I loved it. So far, though, I think the Big Island has been my favorite. But then, my recollection of it is over twenty years old, LOL.

    Hart, I haven’t been there regularly! This is the second time in my life, and there may not be a third. Hope you get to go again, though. Maybe as a keynote speaker at the Maui Writers’ Conference? 😉

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