Gathering Writing Lessons from Ye Olde Spiritual Practices

Grateful from MorguefileIn my latest post for Writer Unboxed, I discuss some very old-fashioned spiritual practices and how they connect to writing and can give you a Peak Occupational Moment. (Felt appropriate to the season.) Here is the introduction. Join us, if you’re interested.

If not for the moment when our training took over, last week would have seen me hugging a comparative stranger in a mutual, teary embrace. But I am a recovering family physician, and she an active occupational therapist, so the impulse was lost as we carefully evaluated body language. Neither of us wished to be the cause of an unwanted intimacy.

I would have enjoyed that hug. Since I can’t go back and tell propriety to stuff it, what I can do is unpack the magic of that occasion and see what lessons it contains for writing.

Warning: This Post Contains Sap, And We’re Not Talking the Christmas Tree Variety

While you’re here, allow my to pass on my sincere wish that you’re having a peaceful and rewarding holiday, whether you partake in a religious ceremony or simply hang out with we heathens. 😉

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