Solitary Babes + Writer Unboxed

Ultimately, today’s post on Writer Unboxed is NOT a political one despite the title. It was birthed in a moment of isolation–you know the kind where it seems the entire world has one reaction to an event, and you see it differently?

What? You’re saying that only happens to me?

Anyway, the literary baby born from that occasion concerns writing and personal integrity. Join us, if you’re interested.

The Prime Minister, Writing, and an Unethical Psychology Experiment 

2 thoughts on “Solitary Babes + Writer Unboxed

  1. I’ve been a bit bummed out by the divisive and reactionary sentiments that seem to have tainted the waters my online world of late. Seems like there’s an underlying sense of pessimism in the steam of late, one that I feel like I used to be able to either float over or swim past. Maybe I’m just too tired to do either, but lately it just seems easier to stay dry on shore.

    Probably for the best. Leaves more attention and time for the writing, which is like swimming in my own private pool.

    Terrific post! Proves that you don’t have to dive down to the muck to come away refreshed. It also reminds me that, even when my office starts feeling a bit isolated, I still have an amazing connective tributary of friendship flowing through here.

    1. I understand, V. I was trepidatious before our last election because it felt like we were teetering on the bring of a country-wide integrity-fail. If I were American, I’d probably be feeling the same way right now.

      Here’s hoping we can be a better species in the coming years.

      I remind myself that peace begins with us, which means staying within our sphere of influence. Fortunately, that includes people like you and peeps at WU and, of course, the writing.

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