Eight Things Learned in an Odd, Tartish Kind of Weekend

1. It is virtually impossible for a fourteen-year-old to pout if you crank the volume and car dance to  We No Speak Americano

2. The male forearm, when dusted with a smattering of crisp, dark hair, is extremely lickable. (Especially when attached to a salt-and-peppered male whose blog nickname begins with “T”.)

3. In the grocery store, they don’t really want to know the truth when they ask if you found everything you wanted.

4. The ToolMaster and Frank should listen to me — me me me — when we watch movies together and I say a male and female costar have bumped uglies. I will be right.

5. The ToolMaster and Frank will not laugh when I block the screen to do a Snoopy dance and flash the victory sign.

6. I might have a few competitive genes in my chromosomes, which otherwise exude amiableness and placidity.

7. Love is a verb, which in my husband’s case means he will pry my iPhone from my grasping hands, disable my modem, and remain unmoved when I ask to have internet access restored before I have written my word count.

8. I may only feel this for the next seventeen minutes, but it’s possible, just possible, that when I exercise, eat well, visit with family, unhook from the computer and play, I might write fiction with value. As in, that other people might purchase and consume with enjoyment. Perhaps I will believe this on odd-numbered days in November. 😀

Those are my weekend highlights in point form. How was yours?

12 thoughts on “Eight Things Learned in an Odd, Tartish Kind of Weekend

  1. I love the entire list, Jan! It’s beautiful and speaks to your passion for life.

    I don’t have eight, but what I learned:
    1. One man truly holds my heart and he is my one and only passion. For him, I will move heaven and earth;
    2. When you ask for help, some people will not only point you in the right direction, but they will introduce you to a beautiful new world;
    3. Be brave and go where your story and characters take you, even if you don’t really understand why at the time;
    4. Love in all its guises is beautiful.

    Have a wonderful day. 😉

  2. Teresa, aw, I love your list! You sound inspired, loved and fired-up. I’m sure that’s a good thing for your writing, too. Always a bonus.

    And thank you for the feedback about my “passion for life”. I don’t always see myself that way, but I like that vision. 🙂

  3. I’ve learned that my computer is just waiting to teach me things–like OneNote–that could actually be useful. Even though the assimilation process went smoothly I still find myself wondering what it really has planned…
    And I learned that a ‘large’ dog kennel from the pet store can be bigger than a ‘large’ dog kennel from a department store, especially when going through the door. Can I say the bruise on the back of my hand is the dog’s fault? She’s loving the extra space but I’m still not letting her adopt a cat. (Allergies.) Sometimes I wonder if she’s a cat in disguise. It would explain some of her behavior… 😉

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! Considerably better than mine I bet. By the way, embrace the competitive genes for November. I mean, that’s the whole point of Nano, right? 😉


  5. Enjoyed your list! I’ve been too tired to learn much lately, except that when you have get enough sleep the world really does become a better place.

    Also, I (and, I’m sure other readers) would love to hear more about your current WIP.

  6. Phyllis, I’ve become quite fond of OneNote myself. It was Frank who taught me its value after he used it in school. Ouch on the bruise! I’ve done that. What kind of dog do you have?

    Lia, I’m not actually doing NaNo. This is just my ongoing writing. But thank you! Wishing you major wordage as I assume you are racking it up.

    amanda, I love sleep! I’d be happy to share more about my WiP when I get close to querying, but yesterday’s writing was a sidetrip to solve a problem with another manuscript. It’s a contemporary romantic comedy taking place in Phoenix.

    1. The SPCA thinks the litter was German Shep, Border Collie & Chesapeake Bay Retriever. One of the smaller pups, Liberty had ribs sticking out when I got her and never grew taller than knee-high. BTW, Chesapeakes are ‘not recommended for 1st time dog owners. Too smart and they have a tendency to grumble when they don’t get their way. She’s seven now but still acts like a puppy, aka ‘spoiled brat.’ That’s only partly my fault.

  7. teehee–GREAT lessons! I’m not sure if the song would work for the 15-year-old female as she is a bit of a bulldozer, taking control of the CD player. My son hasn’t yet reached the pouting stage… at least not often (and only when I deny him something he impatiently wants)

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