Results of the Kathryn Magendie Giveaway (Part I) and a Funny Video

The random number generator has spoken and it’s selection is MJ. 😀 Congratulations, MJ. Can you e-mail me your address so Kat can ship you your copy of Tender Graces?

Thanks to all who came and commented! You’ll have an opportunity to win another book beginning with Part II tomorrow.

For the rest of you,  a not-safe-for-work video which explains why we should use environmentally friendly cleaners:

8 thoughts on “Results of the Kathryn Magendie Giveaway (Part I) and a Funny Video

  1. BTW–Kat, I saw in your comment to Jan at Writer Unboxed that you get ideas on walks but then forget them. I’ve discovered making crazy visuals helps me remember. For instance, I wanted to remember that a scene should take place near a sewer pipe (don’t ask), and also that a character was going to talk about reverse psychology, and also that I needed to refer to a cell phone in an earlier chapter. So I had an image of a kid tapping a finger to his forehead (psychology) as he sat on a giant sewer pipe. Next to him, a person-size cell phone rotated toward him, and then away from him (looking back, to that earlier chapter).

    Or you could call yourself and leave a voicemail.

  2. Hee. I’m glad you’re all enjoying the video. In my home, the quickest way of making someone smile these days is to chant, “Loofah, loofah, loofah.” 🙂

    Roz, knowing you, I’m sure you’ll dust off the self-discipline and pull something together.

    MJ, I love your memory trick.

    Stephanie, ha! Yes! I’ll sign your petition. 😀 Then I’ll vote for a transparent shower curtain.

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