Redneck Snowplow Ahoy!

Remember this picture from last year, when the ToolMaster singlehandedly cleared our cul-de-sac with a neighbor’s snowblower? (And that because that snow pile is deceptive, and easily as tall as the man himself, I was moved to write Six Reasons I Have the Best Husband in the World?)

This was the scene yesterday, after a van got marooned mid-street:


*claps hands in delight*

It’s an old-fashioned worker bee, peeps. I haven’t seen one of these in…gosh, since we poured our sidewalks fifteen years ago. Even better, this emerged spontaneously — a choreographed ballet with snow shovels and storm boots we couldn’t plan if we tried.

Speaking of snow, another cautionary tale: Unless you have immediate and prompt access to eye bleach, do NOT google “sexy man in snow”. Trust me on this. Please. 

Better yet, have a quick peek at Urban Dictionary for the slang definition of “snowball”.  

However, because I went through the effort for you, here are a few smile-worthy images that came up in my search. The first comes from someone with a nihilist view of life. 🙂

Morbid snowman from

I love the carrot in this one. 😉 And no, I can’t get in closer for better detail.

From farm3 on flickr


Don’t you think he’d be handy? You could have him lie down and cool a six-pack on his six pack.

So how fare you with your weather? Are you snowbound? Inconvenienced? Experiencing cabin fever? Has your community come together in any meaningful way?

10 thoughts on “Redneck Snowplow Ahoy!

  1. Great pics! I love the clouds in the first photo, and are those mountains in the background? So pretty!

    Snow is falling here as I type, but fortunately I don’t have to go anywhere today.

  2. Snowbound even in the sunny South, my dear! 😉 I have to go get ready for work now. We didn’t open until 12 today to get our crews time to clear the campus. I’m really grateful for those guys, they do a wonderful job.

  3. Tracey, no we’re smack in the middle of the prairies. Those are clouds or pollution in the background. 😉 It is quite pretty, though. We expect more snow today and tomorrow, and with the wind chill it’s -30 degrees Celcius. 😮

    Teresa, the snow removal people work their butts off around here. They definitely earn their hot cocoa! And yes, I’ve heard interesting tales from the South.

  4. I lucked out and the two neighbor guys yesterday got everything plowed and they cleared off my car. I would have felt guilty but they were having so much FUN. LOL There’s enough snow piled up around here that I could fashion some Chippendale’s snowmen of my own now. Mmm. I’ll be back later.

  5. Great pics! I may have to attempt that last one on my lawn this weekend. 🙂

    We’re lucky enough to have a family friend with a serious plow truck, or we’d still be trying to shovel our way out right now, I think.

  6. WOOHOO! Consider me edjumakated! That sexy man in snow search is one I will definitely have to remembere *fans self*–love the neighbors all pitching in. My neighborhood is a little like that if there is anything big, but we only have about 6 inches and it didn’t come all at once, so that’s nothing to shout about in Michigan. Inconvenient to walk in, but I make do.

  7. Donna, snow lost its luster for us some time ago. This morning, with the windchilld, it’s -34 Celcius. But if you make that snowman, I want pics!

    Amy, from the sound of things you are far more isolated. Thank goodness for family and friends! Yes, that picture has been quite popular. 😀

    Hart, LOL, if there’s one person I can count on to push search limits, it would be you. 🙂 I mean that in the nicest possible of ways.

  8. Now, see – now you have me wanting to google that – and I don’t have any eye bleach -but such is my curiosity – unnghh unggh – can’t help self -ugnnnnnghhhnnnn ….

    Love the Snow Removal Ballet! .. 😀

  9. We’ve spent the last several days baking bread, coloring pictures, and eating. Luckily, I’ve probably burned an equal number of calories handling snow removal. (And thanks for expanding my vocabulary via Urban Dictionary — who knew?)

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